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FFBE Fan Art Contest - Oasis
Working on the stats and shit for my entry to the FFBE fan art contest. How is this looking so far? AM I missing things? Need more, need less? What the hell do I do for her limit burst...? HALP. Also Marcus some of the parts you wrote in were hard to read so make sure they are accurate here...

Name: Oasis
Catch Phrase: Sorry to burst your bubble, I'm more than just a pretty face and I won't be intimidated!
Battle Finish Pose: A clawfoot tub bubble bath scene
Character Story:
A young lady who dreamed of becoming an enchanting super hero found herself with mysterious powers in a new world full of monsters. Oasis has little memories of the world she called home, only her emotions and desire have stayed with her. Her journey to power was full of friendship and love, but also great loss. Her strive to protect those around her and hope to piece together where she came from keeps her fighting. Oasis is always smiling, and has an uncanny ability to make people laugh. Often times, Oasis finds herself in hot water due to her impulsiveness and sense of curiosity. If she isn't out discovering new things, she can be found relaxing in a bath or cleaning her battle gear.

Trust Mastery: Lustrous Wand; Water Element, 100 attack, 100 Magic
Limit Burst: Globule Chain;
Water Physical Damage 8X to all enemies
Increase Mag 100% 3 turns all allies
Decrease Spr 65% all enemies 3 turns

-Iridescent Breath; Water hybrid chain 8X/ Reduces enemy water resistance 50%
-Bubble Sheild; Chance to counter physicla attack 30% with increase evasion 25%
-Sparkling Bash; Damage 1 enemy
-Osmose Rod; Steal MP
-Reflective Bubble; Cast reflect on self
-Shinning Charm; Add water element to attacks and heal party
-Bursting Curse; Inflict random ailment on all enemies

-Toying with Magic; Increase attack/Magic 30% when equiped with rod
-Shimmering Protection; Water resistance 25%, HP increase 20%
-Not One, but Two; Dual weild 30% MP
-Dancing Pearl; 25% evasion Magic/Physical
-Auto Refresh
-Sudden Burst; If below 20% HP fatal blow, HP will remain 1 and cure 40% all statuses/elements for party
- MP + 30%
-Cleansing Suds; Increase resistance to paralyze, disease, stone/petrify 100%
If any of you actually read this, it's Usagi2500/MarshmallowSquishy if you have not forgotten... Lol but anyway, HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? Update me
If you feel like chatting! I logged on for the first time in ages, life has been crazy and I miss you fellows! I have been posting on Instagram more as Sugar_Senshi (beware massive Lolita Fashion spam) but I think I'll get my dA groove back on once I get the art rolling again! <3


Sugar-Senshi's Profile Picture
I am a very busy stay home mama! I have two adorable kids; a son named Hiro(born 2008) and a daughter named Estelle(born 2011). I also am a certified N.S.I nail technician, I do this in the evenings at home. I also am learning photography and do that a touch on the side. :3

In my free time( WAIT.. free time? WHAT IS THIS FOREIGN THING :P ) I luff me some arting. Drawing A LOT of Sailor Moon related art. Creating SM Fan Characters being the creme de la creme of my arting.

I roll that there d20 twice weekly. Creating all kinds of characters is my favorite part of Dungeons and Dragons. *has geek on*

Magic the Gathering is another addiction of mine. D: I love it soooo.
*geek level has increased*

I also grow(though I am learning and have had a few deaths) fresh herbs, I love herbs! I am a touch granola. ;3

I enjoy reading cheesetastic lame novels that make me gigglesnort.

I watch a JUNKTON of Anime and read a fair amount of Manga.
*geekness has increased substantially!*

I have a large love/hate relationship with making cosplays. I LOVE IT... who am I kidding! XD But seriously sometimes I could just shred what I am working on.
ALSO, I always have help with sewing from the ever so lovely StarSmith!

Random generic crap I heart: cupcakes, owls, bunnies, bubbles, squishy things, Hello Kitty, trees, Unicorns, lilies, bows, boots, rainbows, plushies, ponies ...



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Sugar-Senshi Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Haha must be old! Thanks for asking but I'm very out of touch in all Cyber 6 lately. lol
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It was, thanks!! SOrry for the SLIGHTLY late reply!
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